Central Institute of Management and Technology, Lucknow is the next big destination on the path to become manager of millennium. Established by The Oregon Educational Society the Institute ushers into a new age in the area of quality-based, standard professional education. CIMT resides in its premises with an independent campus having modern, state-of-the-art infrastructure and other modern facilities and amenities. Founded in 2008, the Central Institute of Management & Technology is one of the prestigious colleges of management.

At CIMT, focus and aim is on the overall skill development of future global management leaders. The whole commitment is towards offering a program of study that will be unmatched in its quality as well as in its development of ethical and responsible global thinkers.


We visualize CIMT as an institute of higher academic learning known for its total commitment to excellence in management and professional education, research and consultancy with a holistic concern for quality of life, environment, society & ethics.


To serve our diverse student and alumni population, our multicultural business community, and the global community of scholars by advancing business knowledge and sharing expertise.

We prepare our students to succeed as responsible global citizens in a dynamic, technology-driven business climate -creating a growing legacy for our alumni.